Information Technology at Fairleigh Dickinson

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Program Duration: 48 Months

Program Level: Bachelor degree

Processing Time: 2 Months

Application Fee: 98 US$

Including Co-Op: No

PGWP Eligibility: Yes

Conditional Offer Letter: Yes

Next Intakes: September, 2020

Campus Location: vancouver, BC, Canada

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Program Description

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s new Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology (IT) provides students with the comprehensive knowledge, skills, and training needed to pursue careers as IT professionals in one of the most dynamic areas of modern technology.

It is the only program of its kind in northern New Jersey’s Bergen County, where there are ample co-op, internship and career opportunities with major corporations, health care facilities, government agencies and high-tech firms in the dynamic metropolitan New York/New Jersey corridor.

In this exciting and challenging field, information technologists help the general user community solve their IT problems, determine which technologies are most appropriate for their needs and show them how to employ these technologies effectively. Students learn how to evaluate current and emerging technologies; Identify user needs; design user-friendly interfaces; apply, configure and manage these technologies; and assess their impacts on individual users, organization and the environment.

The program emphasizes the practical applications of information technology. It provides students with both the breadth and depth of knowledge in information technology needed for professional success in this field.

The IT core courses provide students with integrated, technical knowledge and training in various areas of information technology. Students learn about multimedia technology, the Internet, Web-site design, computer-based systems, computer networks, data communications, network security, disaster recovery, databases, application development, programming, management, and economics. They also study the influence of information technology on the economy, politics, culture and the global society. Students can avail themselves of the opportunity for a cooperative education experience that provides a paid professional salary, invaluable on-the-job work experience and a maximum of 6 credits earned toward the degree.

The mathematics, science and programming courses provide students with a strong analytical and scientific foundation. The students receive a well-rounded education and a strong foundation for thoughtful global citizenship from the liberal arts courses. The development of strong oral and written communication skills is emphasized throughout the curriculum. The program also allows students sufficient flexibility to concentrate in Web Development Technology and/or Network and System Administration and to undertake another concentration or a second discipline of interest (a minor). An adviser is assigned to each student in the first year and guides him or her throughout the program. Any concentration areas or second disciplines undertaken by the students must be approved first by the adviser.

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Information Technology at Fairleigh Dickinson