Project Management at Yorkville University

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Program Duration: 48 Months

Program Level: Bachelor degree

Processing Time: 1 Months

Application Fee: 0 US$

Including Co-Op: No

PGWP Eligibility: Yes

Conditional Offer Letter: No

Next Intakes: September, 2020

Campus Location: New Westminster, BC, Canada

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management has been developed as a multi-disciplinary study of business administration. It prepares students to meet the challenges of the contemporary workplace by facilitating their understanding of a balanced and informed approach to decision making. This baccalaureate degree is practically oriented with an industry-focused array of core business courses.

The program content has been developed and structured to align with the requirements established by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The delivery model has been designed to encourage students to work on examples and cases relevant to the workplace and job market. Students will also compare various project life cycles to agile project management and thoroughly work through all elements of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Students will take part in a rigorous examination of all planning processes and process interactions during the project lifecycle. Students will collaborate to appraise the content and format of project management plans for small, medium and large projects. They will clarify the scope, schedule, cost, and resources necessary for a sample project. Students will also create plans for the management of risk, quality, human resources, communications and procurement for one or more sample projects.

The specialization culminates in a Capstone course, where students will work in teams to develop a project management plan and prepare for project execution, monitoring, control, and close down.

Courses throughout this specialization are offered fully online and are also available on-campus in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Students are not required to choose one mode of delivery over the other but may work with a Program Advisor to design a plan of study to fit a preferred learning style.

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Project Management at Yorkville University